Sybille Hummingbird artist and owner of Bille Records©
Sybille was born and raised in Berlin Germany and came to the US almost 20 years ago.
She grew up in the concrete Jungle with all it's big city challenges, cold and gray.....
When she came to the United States, she experienced the beauty of Nature and met such
wonderful people, as she began this path surrounded with Love and Warmth.

Sybille has 2 children, who have inspired her to play the Native American Style flute.
It all began with he first purchase of such flute, which she stumbled upon by accident 5
years ago. She is a member of the Rose Creek Band of Muskogee Creek descendants ( a
band of the Choctawhatchee Creek Indian Nation), she  was taken in a few years ago, which
she feels is such a great honor.

At one time she was married to a Native Cherokee, through who she was introduced to
Native American Culture. Over the years there have been many Native Americans who have
guided her along the path.  One of which was an elder in Oklahoma, that once approached
her out of the blue, looked straight into her eyes,  with a big smile saying :" You are a child
of the sun, that carries light."
Sybille was not aware of what she meant by that, until years later.

She gave Sybille such inspiration to remind the younger generation, to listen to the elders,
for they are the ones who carry the knowledge of the Native American History, that they are
the ones, that can teach us about this culture, if we only let them. A beautiful culture that
should not be forgotten.   

As the years went by Sybille has extended her collection of Flutes and began to write the
Music Creator gave her , with a fresh style, putting her heart and soul into it , to reach as
many, as possible with this beautiful message of music, the universal language of love and

In 2008 she worked on her first album "Good Medicine " with the generous help of
Serio Sound Productions. Which was entered in the 2011  Native American Music
Awards, in the Native Heart category   Sybille's  journey of music actually began at the Doc
Silver Hawk Flute festival in Dade City, Florida.  That was the first time she played public on
an open stage, shortly after that the first album was made. Since then She  has performed at
many Pow Wows in Florida and Georgia, as well as  cultural events, memorial services,
Nursing Homes and churches.

Sybille's second Album "Serenity" was published 2011, it was done in a hurry because of
the high demand :). “Serene” was entered in the 14th annual Native American Music
Awards and won the Native Heart category. She was honored that she was able to attend
and even presented a Nama Award to a female Native American artist, that was her highlight
and the greatest honor. December of 2013 "Serene" was finished and published, which is
actually a continuance t"Serenity".
In 2013 Sybille joined the Spirit Wind Records
Family. Promoted by Donald Blackfox.

Spirit Wind Records presented the
Silver Arrow Award and  Nomination Award
to Sybille Hummingbird in 2013.
“ Serene” was entered in the 2014 Native American Music Awards as well.

In January 2014 Sybille Hummingbird co -joined with Mike White Wolf  and the
group "White Bird" was born.  On many occasions they performed together and
in time they thought a name would be appropriate. They are now working on
their first album, which will take a little while to be finished due to their crazy
busy lives. Shortly after that Bille Records was initiated.
   Sybille Hummingbird            Mike WhiteWolf
The melodies of life and emotion are coming  unannounced with consistency,
suspecting that this is not just for her, but to share with the ones that need it just as
much. Relaying Creators love, a relationship with humanity as we are one people.
It has been a great Journey and Sybille is looking forward to many more years of
growing and sharing this beautiful gift from Creator, with many more on this wonderful
Food for the soul, medicine for spirit, mind and body

Bille Records ©